Monday, September 26, 2016

Kindergarten: It is Like No Other!

The Dictionary defines Kindergarten as:

"a class or school for young children...which is often the first year of formal education; a place where children learn things by playing."  

I have a BIG heart for Kindergarten, I have taught it for 10 years. And if you have taught a year in Kindergarten, I am here to say - you CAN DO just about anything! Seriously. There is just no other classroom like it. Ever hear of a child licking the bottom of his/her shoe? It will happen in Kindergarten. Ever hear of a child losing his/her underwear in the bathroom? It will happen in Kindergarten. Ever hear of a child falling out of his/her chair - who is just as surprised by it as the teacher is? It will happen in Kindergarten. Just imagine trying to herd 20 cats from one place to another. Just imagine trying to nail jello to a tree. No exaggeration, it is a workout. Pure exhaustion. No one gets a Kindergarten teacher like another Kindergarten teacher. And I am hear to say, it is truly a special place. Kindergarten teachers are some of the most bravest, greatest - most patient and big hearted people there are. Not to say all teachers out there are not, because they are too! But Kindergarten, well - it is like no other place on Earth.

In honor of the hundreds of thousands of Kindergarten teachers out there - these memes are just for them!

In regards to shoelaces:

In regards to snack time and birthdays:
In regards to teaching:

In regards to bedtime:

If you are a Kindergarten Teacher, please give a shout out and tell us where you are from and how long you have taught Kindergarten!