Monday, July 31, 2017

5 Tips For Feeling Good While Preparing for Back to School

As you probably noticed, we took a little “siesta” from our blog. A busy spring filled with many changes (both unexpected and expected) and events led to an even busier summer. We needed a break, so we took it. Many of us moved classrooms, moved houses, switched jobs, added to our current jobs, and many other life events. We also took trips with our families and friends, swished sand between our toes, celebrated milestones, supported through great sadnesses, and took some much needed time.

So we are recharged. The time has come to get back to work, but after summer the struggle is real! 

5 Tips For Feeling Good While Preparing for Back to School

1. Prioritize Your “To Do” List and Break It Into Manageable Tasks

It is tempting to want to get your classroom Pinterest perfect, have all student supplies organized, and do lesson plans until Christmas your first day back to work. I am here to tell you I have been teaching since the 90s and this NEVER works, you just end up overwhelmed! Break up what needs to be done into small manageable task with the most important things getting finished first.

2. Ask for help if you need it.

If you have moved classrooms (maybe multiple times) and you are overwhelmed with boxes appeal to family and friends to HELP! When your principal hands out the new lesson plan requirements and they are 2 pages long and you sort of want to breathe into a paper bag, reach out to your team or a like minded teacher. Work with other teachers to lighten the load. Generally people are more than willing to help out if you ask!

3. Help others if you can.

We rise by lifting others. That first year teacher who was crying in her car and the teachers’ lounge might need you to help him or her navigate open house or the first day (we’ve all be there)! The new mom down the hall would probably appreciate a hug, some words of encouragement, or better yet a hand with a bulletin board or a copy of the super cute name tags template you made for your students. Whatever it is, a kind and helpful gesture goes a long way. It might even put your dilemma of finding the perfect chevron border to match your student cubbies into perspective.

4. Plan ahead for your first days back.

The days are long and hard. Have snacks, water, and other necessities (like your favorite after work bottle of wine chilling in the fridge). 

5. Get Started!

It sounds obvious, but starting out is sometimes the hardest part. When your room is full of boxes, the walls are bare, and all your computer wires are a jumbled mess it is easy to feel so overwhelmed you can't get started. It is tempting to want to curl up behind your desk and eat M&Ms, but the only way to complete a task is to start! Put one foot in front of the other and start on the most important thing first.

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Please share your favorite back to school tip in the comments! Have a terrific school year!