Monday, April 20, 2015

Earth Day Everyday

I LoVe Earth Day!  It’s a great day to celebrate our earth and discover new ways to take care of our earth.  I take great responsibility teaching my students and fellow teachers creative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle everyday in school and at home.

On a daily basis our class recycles our plastic and paper.  We have a bin for paper/cardboard and one for plastic.  This is an easy task that everyone can participate in.   I also encourage my fellow teachers at lunch to use the recycle bins that are provided in our teacher's lounge.  It’s working and I have more and more participation!  But it doesn't stop there.  I of course also collect and melt broken crayons to make new ones, use baby wipe boxes for storage, use bottle caps and dried out marker caps in our counting jars and much, much more but my favorite thing is to repurpose.  

 Here are a few of my favorite repurpose projects that have been successful in my classroom.
You can find these large cardboard squares in any warehouse grocery store.  These make great giant game boards or maps/streets for toy cars or trains.  The possibilities are endless and they are free!!!!
We have used these for our Winter Festival for a number of years.   I have collected enough for three snowmen.  

This was the BEST idea ever!!!  Our school got some new surface computers and I just couldn't pass up these boxes.
They have lasted two years in my classroom.
Free resources are my favorite.  I created some labels for the landforms and we glued them on the map.   This was a week long project and a lot of fun!!

  I hope I have inspired you to not only 

reduce, reuse and recycle but to repurpose too!

Happy Earth Day!


  1. I love these ideas! It is amazing how you can repurpose things others consider garbage!

  2. I am inspired! Thanks for the great idea. I have lots of junk. Now maybe my junk will be transformed into treasure!

  3. The "magic" of repurposing is FABULOUS and terribly contagious! It can begin with teachers but then it spreads like wildfire! ….when the kiddos get home, watch out parents! :-)