Saturday, September 5, 2015

B2School Go Noodle Style!

Woo Hoo! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Go Noodle!! Do you??? IF you haven't heard of it, then you need to visit their site at GoNoodle.  It has tons of indoor activities to get kids moving and best of all, IT"S FREE!!!! The class can pick an avatar to represent them and then complete workout/dance/partner games in order to watch their avatar grow.  It is great for goal setting, brain breaks, indoor recess (for rainy days, too hot days, or too cold days), and for getting those never ending wiggles out!  I use Go Noodle EVERYDAY in my classroom.  We Go Noodle when I can see that my kiddos have had enough of staying on task and need to MOVE.

If you are a fan (or if you wanna be......) you are in luck! You could win 25 of these AWESOME headbands for your kiddos.
All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below for a chance at snagging them!

You can also use this discount code in their shop BTSwithGoNoodle for %15 off everything from September 4th- Sept.11th.

I hope you try them out if you haven't already! Go Noodle is FABULOUS here in paradise and I know it would be for you too!


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