Monday, October 26, 2015

Make It Monday! DIY Watercolors

Hi there, it is Robin from Class of Kinders. I love being able to create in the classroom. I only wish there was more time to do it. The creations we make in my room are usually tied to a standard ...but that is always easy to do. Teachers can be creative too, right? (wink)
I am here to share a super easy tip on how to make your very own watercolors for your students. No need to buy those wimpy store bought watercolors anymore! This tip is one that my teaching partner (Elaine, from Kitty Kitty Kindergarten) introduced me. I am here to pass it on, because after all, isn't that what being a teacher is all about? ….sharing ideas and making them available to help others. I love these watercolors for two reasons.  One, I can recycle those old, dried out Crayola markers and two, I never have to ask for, buy or replace those expensive small rectangle trays of oval watercolors that seem to run out overnight. Not to mention these "DIY" watercolor are just. plain. better.
Here is what to do:
First, buy some containers, I got these at my local Dollar Tree. They come in a 2 pack, keep them both and double your stock or pass one along to a teacher friend and teach them how to make their own watercolors too.
Next, open them up. Notice they have this perfect little white stopper in them…no lid to pry off 
and cause a big spill in the process!
After that, grab that tub of old, dried out markers that you have hidden, stored, or tucked away. You know you have them. We keep them. Why? Because tossing them in the trash just somehow seems wrong. Find the colors that you want to make…decisions, decisions!
Then, place them in the cups filled with water and walk away…forget about them for the day. 
When you go back, test the color. If you want a more darker hue, leave them longer or add more old markers from your tub and plop them in! Just play with it. It is trial and error, but at some point you will get the color that is just right. You can always add more water if it is too dark.
While you are waiting…consider doing a directed drawing with your students. There are so many ones out there on pinterest. A robot, a pilgrim, a raccoon, how about a cow? Here is one we did from Millie Waits for the Mail. Super, super cute story. What a character Millie is! 
We used our green and blue watercolors for this one. It adds that special touch and the watercolors move so nicely on just a plain old piece of construction paper. So go ahead….pull out those old, dried out markers and give it a whirl. You will be glad you did.

DID YOU KNOW: has a new recycling program for markers? Yes, they do! It is called Crayola ColorCycle and you can read about it here. Kuddos to Crayola for offer a recycling program!

Thanks for stopping by…and Happy Creating!


  1. This is so neat and a great way to reuse those old markers!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. A great lesson about recycling and repurposing!