Monday, April 18, 2016

Daily Time Saver Signs

There are a few things that always make me smile in the morning. The first one may be the most important, as it makes the others possible. 

A cup of coffee and now I am smiling, and ready to meet the rest of the day.

As I open the door to the calm, quiet, and empty classroom, the source of another smile awaits. Approaching the front of the room, this is the sight that greets me.

You might be wondering what is so special about this. Well, for years, I’ve been spending precious minutes each and every day, posting the relevant information for the day. Even a few moments a day adds up to hours over the course of a year. So, take a closer look and I’ll explain.

Before school began this year, I created these daily time saver signs to go along with the school-wide sports theme. The today’s date sign stays in the same location with a strip of magnetic tape attached to the back. The month and year signs can be easily changed out. There are thirty-one baseball date signs connected to a binder ring. Each day, the day sign is flipped, and the ring hangs on a magnet hook. 

 In our class, there is a helper of the day. Twenty students in the class mean there are 20 soccer ball signs. Flip one over and we are ready to go. The small football signs show the rotation class of the day, and these baseball signs indicate the captain of each team. There is a daily reminder sign for each day of the week. For each day, names of students and times they leave the room for support are listed. The names are blocked out in this photo.

Flipping the signs mentioned so far takes about five seconds or less.

This section of the board is for the essential questions of the day. If you plan on teaching a grade more than one year, these are well worth the time it takes to make them. There are also many TPT sellers who have done the work for you.

 I have all of the standards questions organized in a tabbed notebook. At the beginning of each unit or quarter, I pull all of the signs we will need. Next, the signs are placed in a pocket chart, organized and ready to move to the board as needed.

 So there you go, I'm ready for the day. A little work upfront saves precious time each day. Can you see me smiling? 

As a gift to you, these Daily Time Saver Signs are a freebie in my Teachers Pay Teacher store, Lolly's Locker.



  1. I LOVE this idea!!! What a time saver! Thanks for the freebie!

  2. This is a fabulous way too save time! Love the Freebie! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Time is precious and this idea gives teachers even more! So smart! Thank you.:-)

  4. Saving time in the morning is so difficult. This will help! Thanks Shelley!