Monday, May 23, 2016

What do teachers do in the summer?

We can all probably remember a time when someone told us how lucky we are to be a teacher because we only have to work from around 9am-3:30pm and we have a couple of months off each summer.  If only people knew!  We are blessed to be teachers, but not for the reasons most folks think.  I suppose we really cannot complain about the amount of time we have off in the summer, but we need it after working all those 50-60 hour weeks during the school year.  People don’t realize that our brains do not get a break when school is in session.  Teachers lie awake in bed at night wondering how Juan’s parents reacted to his low math grade, whether or not Suzie had a hot meal for dinner, and if he/she selected the best lesson for next week's observation.  Our time off in the summer is very well deserved and is the only time during the year we can relax and stop thinking about school for awhile…but do we?

Students at my school have some definite ideas about what teachers do in the summer. 

“I think that in the summer teachers go to the Bahamas!  If not, I think they go home and sleep in.” - Madison

“I think teachers spend time with their families at the beach.” - Anny

And, my favorite… “I think teachers get together with other teachers and hang out.  Have some fun.  Go to movies.  They have parties.  Play video games.  Have family time.” 
- Keith

As we near the end of our school year, I’m most looking forward to sleeping in and spending some extra time with my friends and family.  It’s not so much about what we are doing, it’s more about the people we are with.

Hopefully, we will all spend some time relaxing, but we will also be making preparations.  Just like we don’t only work from 8am-3:30pm during the school year, we don’t really have months off in the summer.  We will be making preparations for that classroom of bright, young faces who will sitting in front of us in August! 

These kiddos have figured out the truth. 

“I think teachers get ready for their new kids and think what to do and what work.” 
- Penelope

“The teachers come to school to get ready for next year!” - Caidyn

As teachers, we know we will spend many hours this summer getting ready for our new school year, but in the words of Maya Angelou-

Enjoy your summer!  May it be filled with many carefree days.  And remember, summer is when parents realize teachers are grossly underpaid!


  1. Adorable!! Actually, I think Madison might be drawing me in the summer- sleeping! After a long hard year, sleeping sounds perfect. That covers the first week. Then it's back to work for me! Summer is a time to work at your own pace, but work must still be done. Thank you for sharing such a variety of kid thinking.

  2. Looking forward to the carefree days of summer with my family and friends!! But it will be filled with school projects and professional development too. A teacher's job is year around for sure, just a slower pace during the fast moving summer months. For me it is a time for reflection, planning and a little stress free fun!!! HaPpY SuMMer Hayley!!!

  3. LOL! …get together with other teachers and have parties. So funny! Well, we just might. :-) Happy Summertime!

  4. I love this post! It's always fun to hear what our students are really thinking. And for the most part, I think they have us all figured out! :)