Monday, March 23, 2015

Place Value Fun

I am SOOOOOO excited to be apart of this blog.  I love learning from and working with each one of these teachers.  Any who........this is my first blog post for this collaborative blog and I am choosing to write about a very cheap (because you know us teachers love cheap and free) 3-4 day math lesson. 
We have been busy working on Place Value over here in my paradise and this  is a FABULOUS, fun, easy, and engaging way to get your kiddos just as excited about it as mine were.  All you need is index cards, Chex Mix, Cheerios, and pretzel sticks.
The kiddos glued the cereal onto the cards to create a number.  Then they counted up their hundreds, tens, and ones and wrote the number on the card. {We had previously learned how to count tens and ones with this AWESOME song by Teacher Tipster.  If you haven't heard it it is a MUST have for place value lessons!!!!}  Of course they wrote with pencil first, checked their thinking with their shoulder partner, and then traced it in marker so it would stand out.

Then we gathered up the cards and played Quiz, Quiz, Trade with them. {It takes a day for the glue to dry before you can do the next step in this lesson.} The kiddos each chose their favorite card. Then they stand up and walk around to some math music.  When the music stops they need to pair up {I call it Sticky High Five}. Then each set of partners takes a turn quizzing each other. They have to count up the hundreds, tens, and ones that have been glued on the card. The other partner then coaches them and praises their efforts. At the end they thank each other and turn to me with a thumbs up sign so I know their partner team is ready to go on. When all eyes and thumbs are looking at me, I start the music again and play continues.

Then the kiddos go back to their teams and work together to put their cards in order from least to greatest and greatest to least. I allow each team to visit each different table to practice ordering all of the cards. This gets them up and moving while exposing them to ALL different number cards.

At the end of this 3-4 day lesson, the kiddos work together to glue the cards from their team on a large strip of paper and label it with the least number and the greatest number.
This lesson is a HUGE hit in my classroom each year that I do it.  I am sure your kiddos will love it too.  If you are interested to see one of the ways that I introduce Place Value to my kiddos you can check out this reader The Place Value House in my TPT store!
It includes a reader and 2 different activities/games for the kiddos!

Thanks so much for sticking through to the end of my LOOOONNNNGGG post and WELCOME TO PARADISE!!


  1. I bet the kids love the first day's lesson... it's so engaging, plus add food to any activity and it's a sudden hit, right? I love how you built onto that lesson with Quiz-Quiz-Trade and then the ordering activity in teams... GREAT ideas!

  2. Love these ideas! Who knew place value could be that much fun? ;-)