Monday, June 15, 2015

I need a wAtEr BrEaK!!!

Each year at my school, our Firsties get to have a fun filled day of WATER!!
In honor of our summer vacation being HERE!!!! YAY!!!! I thought I would share some of our AWESOME Water Day Games.  In order to keep costs low for us, we asked all the parents to donate supplies for each of these games.  And boy did they followed through! We had more than enough of everything.

 #1. Water Squirters - We filled buckets with water, gave each child a water squirter, and they were off! (Of course we went over rules like no spraying in the face before hand AND NO water guns were allowed.)
#2. Bubbles - We gave each child a bottle of bubbles. just look at the excitement on her face!

#3. Car Wash - There are 2 buckets at either end of a line of kiddos.  One bucket is full of water and the other is empty. The first person in line squeezes a sponge and fills it with water from the first bucket. Then they pass the sponge down the line. The last person in line runs to the empty bucket and squeezes the sponge.  Then they run with the sponge back to the front of the line to refill it and start the sponge going down the line again. They get really wet with this one!

#4. Ice pops - We gave each child an ice pop as a fun snack. 

#5. Polar Plunge - We had 2 plastic pools filled with water and ice.  Brrrrr!!! The kiddos were in 2 lines and had to run down to the end of the pool, jump in the water, spin around on their bottoms, get back out, then run to their line and tag the next person. However, we live in FL and it was soooo hot that the ice kept melting and didn't stay very cold! One of our FABULOUS PTO moms decided that the kids should be squirted with ice cold water from a cooler in order to help us solve that problem!!

#6. Duck Duck Splash - We had 1 plastic pool filled with water, one small bucket of water, and 1 sponge. The kiddos sat around the pool and began a normal game of duck duck goose. The difference here is that the person walking around the circle is holding a sponge that is loaded with water. They hod the sponge over everyone's head as they say "duck". When they finally choose their "goose", they say "goose" and squeeze the sponge over that persons head.  Then they run around the pool. If the "chooser" catches the "goose", then the goose has to sit inside the pool until someone else gets caught!

These are just a few of our fun games. We also do a field day with more "DRY" activities but that I will save for another day!

Does your school allow you to have water games? How do you celebrate summer coming with your kiddos?


  1. These games look so fun! They are perfect for the end of the school year, a VBS, or day camp water day!

  2. I miss that! It looks like you all had a really fun time! :)