Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Life Is Better When You Are Laughing

I truly believe that 
Life Is Better When You Are Laughing 
Anyone who knows me knows this is how I roll.  
Every day with me has laughter. 
The giggles from my students (and my teacher friends)
 is truly music to my ears.  

Summer is here and my daily laughter jam with my students will halt for a couple of months.  I will certainty miss the daily giggles and toothless smiles but I look forward to meeting 20 more new funny kids who will say the darndest things. 

Here are some highlights from my hilarious students.
Student on the playground:  Teacher I have to go to the clinic
Teacher:  Are you sick?
Student:  Well I was laughing a little bit and now my panties are a little wet.
Teacher:  Welcome to my world!  (I did send her to the clinic)

Student rushing out of the bathroom:  Teacher my panties are gone!!
Teacher:  What do you mean?
Student:  I just went potty and my panties aren’t there!
Teacher:  Did you put panties on this morning when you got dressed?
Student:  I don’t remember!!

Teacher sneezes loudly
Multiple students:  Bless you!!!
Teacher:  Thank you, I must be allergic to children
Students have a puzzled look, then giggle
Teacher sneezes weeks later
One student:  Are you still allergic to us?

Student:  Teacher your hair is getting white again but just on the top.
Teacher:  Thanks it’s hard for me to see the top of my head.

Student:  Teacher you see this part right here?  (pointing at his chest)
Teacher:  Yes, you mean your chest?
Student:  Yeah the chest, well yours looks like bacon.
Teacher:  Oh thanks for the complement.  Are you hungry?

Typing this just made me giggle!!
  Did you have any giggles this year?


  1. These are hilarious! I giggled when I read this!

  2. You bring happiness and joy to all the people who are blessed to know and love you! Thank you for the morning laugh. Now maybe I can drag myself through the last 2 days. :)