Monday, August 3, 2015

Five Of My Favorite Freebies!

Teachers Pay Teachers is such an awesome place for buyers and sellers alike! There are other forums to buy and sell teaching resources, but hands down... TpT is my favorite! I always go there first. NO. MATTER. WHAT. Whether I need quality resources for my classroom or I am making them for my classroom to offer to others...the Teachers Pay Teachers Marketplace is undoubtedly the best place for us (and in the end, our students!) On any given day teachers can browse (I have been guilty of doing this in my pajamas) for just about anything from lessons, to readers, to posters, to power points ...and all that is in between! (And if you happen to be reading this on August 3rd and 4th there is a Back To School Sale going on! Enter code: BTS15 at the checkout.) There are some brilliant and creative teachers who have fabulous items for sale in their TpT stores. But, they also have made products for us for free. (I just leave a little feedback as a thank you and many times, follow their store.) A free TpT product is icing on the cake, very sweet indeed!

As a teacher of Kinders and First graders, I have collected five of my most favorite (many tried and true) free items from TpT teacher-authors. I picked these because they are just PERFET for the Beginning of the School Year:
How cute is this weather spot for your calendar area, from TpT'er Laura Scoma.
Want to make it? Click HERE

These little direction icons are a lifesaver for those first weeks of school when 
the kids stare at us like a deer in headlights! Put these
 right up on the whiteboard. It's from Miss Kindergarten Love
Want to make this too? Click HERE

How about a little fun and engaging ABC game for the first day of school? 
This one is sure to capture and keep their attention for at least a few minutes!
Love it! It's from First Grade Blue Skies.
 Click HERE

Wouldn't these be perfect sitting on the students' tables as they
come in the first day? Just add a pack of crayons!
It's from Kinder-Craze.
Click HERE
If you are like me the camera is in the classroom waiting to capture the kids
for those special days. Here are some signs for first day photos!
What a colorful prop for them to hold while you snap their picture!
It's from Teacher to the Core. 
Click HERE

Decorating your classroom?
How about some motivational posters that send a positive message for
those who enter. It's a little freebie from me, Class of Kinders.
Click HERE

I hope that it is an AMAZING year for you!
I am hoping for one too…here, in Paradise.