Monday, November 30, 2015

A Cut Above The Rest!

Christmas is in the air. I love this time of year. Christmas carols, Christmas lights, Christmas bargains, and Christmas Spirit all over.  I love to spoil my kiddo's teachers with cute little partially home made gifts. (Let’s face it, I said partially because I am not the DIY Queen that I think I am!). I love most of these because they are SUPER easy but still SUPER cute! Any who, if you are looking for a cute little gift for your child’s teacher(s) than this post is just what you need.  Here are a few gifts that I have done over the years:

1.) A Cut Above The Rest - Purchase some cookie dough and wrap it. Attach a cookie cutter and a sweet little note about how much you love and appreciate them. (I copied mine onto cute Christmasy stationary.)

2.) Thanks for all you “Dew” - Purchase a 6 pack of Mountain Dew and a Tervis Tumbler. Wrap it and attach the tag with ribbon.
3.) You Make Me “Sparkle” - Probably best suited for women (but you never know......) Purchase some sparkly nail polish. Put them inside a cute little bag. Attach the tag with ribbon.
4.) Seeds of Knowledge - Purchase a small plant or some seeds. Wrap it and attach the tag with ribbon. 
If you would like to use some of these tags, you can download them here:
Teacher Gift Ideas and Tags

Here are some other great ideas that I found on Pinterest! (If you are one of my children's teachers close your eyes for the next line!) I plan on using the wrapping paper idea along with the Starbucks gift card this year!

Merry Christmas!


  1. These are all super cute ideas!! :-) Thanks Cara!

  2. Love your ideas!!! The wrapping paper gift was in fact a life saver!! Thanks Cara!!