Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer is the Perfect Gift for Teachers!

Over the past few weeks, many schools have wrapped things up for summer. Teachers across the nation are ready for what some call the reason for teaching... June, July, and August. If you are a teacher, you know this is quite hysterical. 

Most importantly many teachers did not go into teaching for the summer break. In fact, if we teach for the breaks off from teaching, then maybe teaching is not our thing.

Also, what school district is off for three months?! I know my district has about eight weeks, with the only full month off being in July. In fact, in the rare moments I fall into the category above, can someone tell me where that district exists? LOL!

Either way, you look at it, summer is a gift for teachers. A well-earned gift at that. 

Summer is Necessary
Teachers, like everyone else, work very hard. The difference between working hard and teachers working hard is that in teaching the job fully exceeds the hours allotted, and the job description provided. The rest of the working world, unless you are married to a teacher, have no idea what teachers really do. Since I am not writing this post for the general public, I know I don’t need to explain to you (teachers) what we do. What I can say is we are exhausted! And rightfully so. We have spent the last 180 days giving all we have to our students. So at this point in the year, we need to take a little time to give back to ourselves. 

Summer is a Gift
I did not go into teaching for the summers. But what I do love about the summer break is that you get to end what you started. The year winds down. You put things away. You clean up. You finalize report cards. You write thank you notes. You say goodbye. All of these ending types of things provide you with the gift of closure so that you can begin again with a fresh start, a fresh perspective, and a new beginning. Summer is the time to recharge and reflect. Summers give us the gift of renewal. For me, that makes all the difference. 

Elaine reminds us in Advice From My Summer Paradise things to remember so as not to take for granted the gift we are given. My favorite one is Salt Water and a Friend Can Heal Anything.

I was given a beautiful gift this May from my brother and sister-in-law. They flew me to a true paradise- Hawaii! So my summer started a bit early this year. Of course, it was the worst timing- the 2nd to last week of school! But who turns down a trip to Hawaii?! 
It was amazing. I had the opportunity to relax and reflect on life. You can really get a lot of thinking in on a beach with a mountain few. I realized that receiving a gift is just as important as giving a gift. A friend once told me, that the true gift is in the giving but if we don’t allow them to give we are robbing them of the blessing of giving. So my advice is to give AND to receive.

The sentiment of giving and receiving led me to think about teaching and what teaching really means to me. Teaching is both the giving and the receiving. We give to children every day, and they, in turn, give to us. They give us love, learning, and purpose. 

So use your summer as the present it is intended to be- to reflect on the past year, recharge for the new year, and prepare you to be the gift you are to your students. 

As Hayley reminded us in What Teachers Do in the Summer with a touching quote by Maya Angelo- 
Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for.       Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.

Cherish the gifts we are given, whether they are candles, gift certificates, TRIPS, beautiful hand-made treasures from students, or the time to reflect, recharge, and work at your own pace. These gifts give us the ability to give back. And isn’t that the real gift? 

How will you cherish your gift of summer? And how will you give back the following school year?

From My Paradise To Yours,

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  1. Great message Trina! I'm already reflecting and recharging but I think I will take a few weeks off and then prepare! ;-) Have a refreshing summer!!!