Monday, October 10, 2016

Celebrating Our Learning

Pretty sure yesterday was the first day of school and suddenly I realize it is Day 41! Not sure how that happened but it always seems to go that way. The first 15 days are turtle slow then everything is full speed from there. 
As we are wrapping up the first quarter it is important for me to stop and do some reflecting of my students learning. I want to stop and celebrate their hard work. *And let me start by saying we celebrate every day. Every week. All the dancing, singing and laughing you can imagine in a kindergarten classroom. Fun is pretty much my middle name! That being said, this is a different kind of celebration. We want to STOP... put down all curriculum and have some ‘serious’ fun! 

I have done all different types of celebrations in my classroom. I have baked cakes and brought in ice cream and pizza. As little or as big they all serve the same purpose - lift your students up and congratulate them for all their hard work. You may be nervous about taking out Pie Face or just having some real fun and celebrating in your classroom - don’t be! Open up your data notebook or take a look at your student gains. These gains happened because your students are working hard. It is happening because you are planning lessons for your students and putting everything you have into your students and their learning. This is your lesson plan or your ticket to some fun in the classroom.

Last year I implemented Superhero Decoding Strategies. After we completed our unit I made t-shirt capes for each of my students. When the students walked in that morning their jaws dropped to the floor. There isn’t enough high-fives in the world that could have given my students the confidence they gained by wearing a homemade cape. 

I gathered the students to the carpet and started asking them about the capes and why they think they were delivered to our classroom. 
“I am a reader” and “We can use pointing power when we are reading!” Suddenly they are aware of all the hard work they have done and have taken on the ownership of their learning. So we decided to parade the halls of the school. As we are passing by teachers and classes my students start glowing and bursting at the seems wanting to share all their knowledge with anyone willing to listen. Right then I made a promise to myself.  I will stop and have classroom celebrations  for my students! I put them in my calendar. I will not let time slip by. I will make sure that my students know and understand how proud I am of their hard work. 

Each year I am growing and developing as a teacher. I would love to hear how you celebrate your learning with your students. Share with us in the comments and use #planninginparadise on instagram for your photos.


  1. I love celebrations days with my kiddos!! Love your Pie Face idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love, love love - especially the capes that were "delivered" to your class! How fun!