Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Earning TpT Credits

Let’s kick off the week with some fun and exciting news! I think it is safe to say that most teachers have explored and used the amazing resources you can find on Teachers Pay Teachers. The teachers here in paradise are soaking up the sun, fall-ish weather, and loving all the resources from TpT. Teachers have always been such creative thinkers and creating materials to best fit the needs of our students. Now we have our platform with millions of teachers working together and adding to the marketplace of resources. (We basically love TpT!) 
So the exciting news is... You can earn TpT credits from each of your purchases. We wanted to give you the few short steps it takes to earn and redeem those credits. 

Step 1. Go to your My TpT drop down menu and select: My Purchases. Here you will find all of your Paid Purchases as well as Free Downloads. You can leave feedback on BOTH of these purchases. 
This is also where you can buy additional licenses for the product you may have only bought 1 user license for. I love this feature because I always have teammates asking to share some of the resources I am using in my classroom. I am able to then buy the remaining (5) licenses for my teammates to use in their classroom as well. Most sellers will offer a discounted price for additional licenses. 

Step 2. Next to the product cover you will see the title and author. The text Provide Feedback is where you want to click. This will take you to the product page and directly to the feedback part of the page. 
Step 3. Rating and Providing Feedback. It is important to be sure that you have read the product description as well as TpT’s ‘rules’ for feedback. If you have issue opening a file or downloading problems, TpT has great support and will help you. The feedback we want to provide is telling the seller and other teachers shopping for a resource how you used their resource in your classroom. When I am looking for something to use in my classroom I love to hear how other teachers are using it so I can enhance the lesson I am teaching. *Another reason why we love TpT - teacher communication and interaction enhances all the experiences for our students. 
Step 4. TpT Ratings. “After downloading and evaluating, please provide a fair rating. Fair means that you have read the product description carefully and know what the seller was offering (and therefore what they were not). If you had trouble downloading or opening, don't leave a bad rating, contact us for assistance first. And if there was a simple error in the product, for example, a typo or two or something of this nature, please Ask the Seller to fix it for you before leaving a bad rating!” - TpT

Step 5. Leaving a comment:

Step 6. Send! Now you have earned yourself some TpT credits! Spend a few minutes going through your purchases to earn 1 credit for every $1 you have spent. Buy a $5.75 resource = 6 TpT credits! This is so exciting when you go through your menu of My Purchases. 

Step 7. Go to your My TpT drop down menu and select TpT Credit Balance. Here you can check to see how many credits you have as well as the resources you have earned credits on. 

Spending your TpT credits is just as easy! When you shop for a resource you have to have a minimum of 20 credits saved. 

Step 8. Shopping. When you have a resource or two in your cart and are ready to check out. Go to View Cart. Under the CHECKOUT button there is Redeem TpT credits. This is exciting because some times you may have enough credits to have a free purchase or even reduce the cost of the resource by applying your TpT credits. You will determine the amount of credits you want to use. 20 credits will equal $1 on your future purchases. 

This is the time of year we are all barely treading water. Here in paradise we are knee deep in parent conferences and end of quarter paperwork. Teacher Pay Teachers has been the happy place for many teachers. Spoil yourself with some new resources with your TpT credits! Hope everyone has a great week. 


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