Monday, December 5, 2016

Dear Class, There Will Not Be An Elf In Our Classroom

No elf in your classroom? I know, you are probably thinking what on earth is wrong with this teacher? She is just as bad as the GRINCH. But no, I do not have an elf in my classroom. I never have. I probably never will. I just can't. I do LOVE Christmas and ALL of its MAGIC and WONDER. But for me, having an elf is something that I want to leave up to parents. As a Mom, I could never forgive myself if somehow I managed to say or do something that stole the wonder and magic or put doubt into one of my student's minds. They do ask me, will we have an elf in our classroom? They ask because they have one at home or Mrs. Smith's Kindergarten class down the hall has one. But, I simply look at them and say; I'm sorry, we will not have an elf in our classroom this year. The elf stories are great. I love hearing about them from my students. Those elves are funny and very clever. Some of those photos (oh my word) are a priceless! The whole elf thing is a VERY fun thing home. For me as teacher, it seems all consuming just managing my 19 students, let alone an elf TOO! Moving it each day. Thinking of different scenarios to put the elf in. Making the time to move it. Remembering to do it. Not touching it.  Making sure all the students do not touch it. These thoughts alone give me anxiety! But, I can not tell my students ALL of that. So they ask, why not Mrs. Harrington? Why do we not have an elf in OUR classroom? So, I have to tell them SOMETHING. And I might have to tell them it is because of a little girl in Texas. I might have to tell them she needed the elf more. I might have to tell them I got a letter from Santa:
Well, it's true. I do love boys and girls as much as Santa does. Heck, I love Santa just as much as boys and girls do. So of course, I would want to help him out. And so...I just might. And well, that might just be why - there will not be an elf in our classroom. 

(Teachers: Feel free to use this letter if you struggle with the whole elf thing like me.)
And if you do have an elf in your classroom, enjoy the magic and the wonder those little elves bring.


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