Monday, December 26, 2016


  1. Turn off the alarm and sleep in!
  2. Have a pajama day!  Those aren’t just for students you know.  You can even spend the day in pajamas without watching the Polar Express!
  3. Remove the glitter still lingering from all the classroom Christmas crafts.  It’s kind of like Christmas tree needles.  Long after the projects are gone, you’re still finding glitter.
  4. Find a place to store this year’s “Best Teacher” ornaments and coffee mugs!  You can never have too many, or can you?  Hmm…
  5. Sit down and eat your lunch.  You can take as long as you’d like!
  6. Read a book without thinking about what standards you can teach with it.
  7. Shop the after Christmas sales and end up buying things for your classroom instead of a new outfit.
  8. Spend some special time with your own children.  It’s easier to appreciate the time with them when there aren’t 20 other kiddos to think about!
  9. Smile!  You know parents are now appreciating you more than ever!  After a few days of being home with their children, they are realizing you were right all along.
  10. Try to convince yourself that you don’t enjoy sleeping in and having lazy days!
Then, realize that there is a part of you that misses your students’ warm hugs and smiling faces.  After all, who else could possibly work as hard as you and love them as much as you do?  With that realization, you are ready to get back to your classroom, but before you go to bed on that last day of Winter Break, you’ll note how many days of school there are until Spring Break.  Not because you’re counting down or anything!

                                                            Loving Our Learning


  1. I have already crossed off a few things from your list!! Merry Christmas and HaPpY
    Winter Break Hayley!

  2. I'm enjoying it! We just need to find a way to add more hours in the day :-)