Monday, February 29, 2016

Pirate Learning Fun!

Hi! It's Robin here from Class of Kinders.
There are not many things more appealing to a First Grader than a pirate! Boy or girl…doesn't matter, their ears perk right up at the mere mention of the word pirate! So, I sort of used that to my advantage last week when our spelling words had the /ar/ digraph pattern in them. We made pirate hats and use our best pirate voices to read, work with, and study our spelling words like arm, art, cart, yarn, barn, harm, etc.
Here is our completed pirate hat! Arrrrr….
 (Be sure to read to the bottom of this post so you can download this little freebie!)
First, I drew a rough sketch of two pirate hat shapes out of the large black construction paper and asked my students to cut them out:
Then I gave them one of these pirate print outs:
Then, they glued the pirate to the middle of one of the black papers:
Next, they wrote as many /ar/ words as they could. Yes, even fart came out of the discussion…I wouldn't have expected anything less, LOL: 
 Finally, I walked around and stapled the hat (once on each side) while sort of measuring their heads so it fit. It was a quick little pirate learning fun, but let me tell you - they will not forget that digraph pattern!
We also used this "Carl the Shark" poem for the week! Sharks are another word that generates lots of attention and discussion... and it sort of went with pirates, right?
As promised, here is the freebie so you can do this activity with your students!
Click here download from my store.
I hope your students will have a little bit of pirate learning fun too, arrrrr!