Monday, February 1, 2016

The Cafeteria is the HEART of the School

You have heard the saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home?  I believe this to be true.  No matter the style or size of your kitchen it is a place where memories are made and shared with loved ones.

Well that is true for our school cafeteria.  It’s a place where bodies and minds are nurioushed not only with breakfast and lunch but with all the other multipurpose actvities that the cafeteria has to offer.  From smelling the fresh baked bread, eating with your friends, to watching performaces from the stage.   I feel that the cafeteria is the heart of our school.

Next week we will be celebrating the school cafeteria staff.  Each grade level will adore them with banners, cards, pictures and special treats.  These small tokens of appreciation could never show how much we value our cafeteria staff.  

Our cafeteria staff consists of 7 ladies who work long hours and take care of us all.  On average they serve 400 free breakfast meals and then turn around and serve 720 hot lunches.  And they have also made a few special requests just for us!! These ladies are magical when they recite the names of our nearly 1200 students and they can even tell you who their teacher is!  They trully are sugar and spice and everthing nice and I’m so thankful to call them my friends. 

To show our appreciation to the cafeteria staff my class will be making a cookbook to help with some of the future meal planning.  It’s a tresure for sure and has something for everyone!  In our writing center we are also using some food list writing sheets.  These sheets are a perfect and fun way for your students to spell simple words phonetically, reviewing sound-letter relationships as well as a vocabulary review. They are all in the theme of food and cooking so they are a perfect fit. 
                                   Here is a copy of the Cooking List Writing Center!  Enjoy!

Did you

lunch lady today?


  1. Thanks for posting this Elaine! Our school is certainly blessed with a wonderful cafeteria staff! I can not wait to see the recipe books your class makes.

  2. Thank you for sharing! The lists are perfect for Kinders and Firsties! :-)

  3. That picture makes me miss everyone... hey Miss Adela, Terri, Maria... and I smelled the bread as soon as I read that part. Those puffy rolls are the best! Kids' recipes always crack me up, like how they think something has to be cooked at 700º for 5 hours... tasty, if you like charcoal. :) Have fun with your writing project!

    1. I will be sure to tell the girls Hello for you!!!